Amin's Bio

Husband 👫 Dad of 3 👨‍👩‍👦 Helping the ordinary guy win through simplicity, taking away confusion

My educational background is in Information Technology, Informatics, Business Management, and Psychosocial Counseling.

One Link. 25+ Offers. Multiple Streams of Income?

Super Linking is the future, and the Internet Income System is simply ahead of the game.

But, what you really want is a front-end that has the highest probability of these 2 things.

1 — Hard-Coding Your Referrals

2 — Upselling Them Affiliate Offers

And that's exactly what Lifepreneur does for you.

It's the new front-end funnel for the Internet Income System, and your referrals will get access to daily live zooms, delivering epic value to them.

All in a “Netflix for Entrepreneurs” format.

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Still Not Sure How To Start?


Personally, I constantly verify the authenticity of the individuals I chat & talk with to ensure they are real… and others just did the same with me. (Is this Amin? YES, it's really me writing to you, I swear.)

So, how do we overcome this if we want to sell something to someone online?

By being REAL. By being VISIBLE. By being an AUTHENTIC part of the process.

How much per month, you know, in Profit, would it take for you to thank me for this call, for to make this call worth it?

What if I could show you a pretty much a solid plan on how to be able to reach that goal and be able to do this. That'd be pretty awesome right?

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